5 Natural Tick Repellents You Will Find At Home

Ticks are a menace that any pet owner will tell you are really hard to get rid of. We have tried it all from shampoos to lotions any yet they just refuse to go. Using products that are easily available at home and are also natural is a great idea.

Why do we need to get rid of ticks?

Ticks are a menace to any pet owner they pose a health risk to your pet and you they are known to cause a number of deadly diseases such as lymes disease and rocky mountain fever. The difficult part is that they are so small and as they latch onto the skin of your pet hiding in skin folds and in the fur it is very difficult to find them and get rid of all of them.

Natural Tick RepellentHomemade tick repellents why are they so good?

The synthetic tick repellents that we get in the market contain a number of chemicals and are most often pesticide and insecticide based products. These chemicals can cause a lot of serious health problems in your pet and can also adversely affect your health. It could result in death if a pet inadvertently happens to consume it. it also cause lot of short term problems such as neurological symptoms and long term problems such as cancer and miscarriages if it is absorbed in our bodies. using products that you have easy access to at home and yet are get at getting rid of ticks is a safe and effective way to get rid of these parasites.

Top 5 home made tick repellents:

1.    Apple cider vinegar: it is an effective tick repellent that is most often available at home. You can use it as a spray for yourself and your pet. Mix 3-4 tea spoons in a cup of water put it in  a spray bottle and spray it on your pets kin or use if on yourself.

2.    Crushed berries: you can crush berries and apply it onto your pets fur for an hour this will get rid of all ticks and is a safe and natural method.

3.    Orange peel pack: dry orange peal , crush them in a grinder and  mix them in water . You can apply it to your pets fur and keep it for an hour . The orange peal can also be stored for as long as you like to be used repeatedly.

4.    Neem pack: neem is a powerful tick repellent and effective in getting rid of ticks , crush neem leaves make a paste and apply to your pets fur foe about an hour.

5.    Garlic: this is a great tick repellent however do not let your pet eat it as garlic is toxic to dogs and cats.

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