Natural Tick Repellent

We all love our pets and take great care to make sure they stay healthy from taking them for regular checkups to vaccinating them regularly we do it all. Yet one serious health risk to our pets and us are ticks. No matter what we do we just cannot get rid of these disease spreading parasites.

What are ticks?

•    Ticks are small parasites that mostly reside the fur of your pet , they thrive by biting your pet and thus latch on to him and also suck his blood for their sustenance. Ticks are  a health risk to your pet and you. Ticks are associated with causing a number of diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever., Tularemia, Ehrlichiosis, Relapsing fever, Colorado tick fever and Babesiosis are some of the disease that can be caused  by tick bites.

Natural Tick RepellentDiseases caused by ticks:

Some of the common diseases caused by ticks are:

•    Lyme disease: caused by ticks bite that has symptoms of fatigue, headache, stiff neck, fever, sore muscles and joints and can even cause death.

•    Rocky Mountain spotted fever: life threatening condition with symptoms of sudden fever, severe headache, muscle and joint aches, distinct rash, and nausea and vomiting shock and kidney failure.

•    Tularemia: sudden fever, nausea and vomiting.

•    Ehrlichiosis: symptoms include fever, chills, headache (often severe), general ill feeling (malaise), nausea and vomiting, and a purple or red rash.

•    Colorado tick fever: symptoms include Fever and chills, Headache, often severe, Muscle aches (myalgias) and Sensitivity to light (photophobia).

Natural tick repellents why are they needed:

A number of synthetic products are recommended to get rid of ticks. The problem with them is that they contain pesticides which pose health risk to your pet and can even cause deaths and there is a possibility that they could also affect your health. The synthetic tick repellent can get absorbed into your blood stream and cause a number of neurological problems on a short term basis  while more serious problems such as cancer and miscarriages on a long term basis as most of them are pesticide based. The other point of concern is that their action is short lived they do get rid of ticks however the ticks will soon be back. All this suggests that using synthetic tick repellents poses great health risk and yet doesn’t have such great effectiveness .The greatest advantage of using a natural tick repellent is that they are safe for you and your pet and you can even leave it on their furs and beading for some time without the chance of the pet consuming it and getting a toxic reaction.

Natural tick repellents:

These natural products can help you get rid of ticks without posing health risks to your pet or you . Some of the useful natural tick repellents that you can use are:

•    Neem oil: an ayurvedic oil that is used in the treatment of a number of diseases in ayurved , it is derived from the neem plant. Neem oil can be bought at a health food store or it can be ordered online. While using it all you need to do is apply a few droplets of neem oil directly onto the skin of your pet near their paws, a point near their tail and on their abdomen for humans you can use it on your skin without any adverse effects.

•    Tea tree oil: you might have known that it is used to treat acne well another use is to fight and repel ticks. it can be bought  at a health food store or  it can be ordered online. Do not apply it directly to your pet or your own skin as it has strong astringent effects mix it with water and you can use it as a tick repellent spray.

•    Origami essential oil: a powerful tick repellent however be careful while using it on cats as it can be toxic to them.

•    Apple cider vinegar: has strong tick repellent action. Use 3 tea spoons mixed in a cup of water and use it as a spray.